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For someone who comes from both German and French ancestry, this really hits the spot, loved how the gears came to a halt during the Winter Scene, them wearing gas masks as protection from gas attacks, and the blown out bridge as some one had stated before, throwing people into the grinder.

Reminds me of the Disco in pc space station management game Startopia, well done.

"You've Got To Be Kitten Me" great story line with complete randomness, love it.

Bertn1991 responds:

Thanks Mr. Ice :D

Oh, and it's "You've CAT to be KITTEN me!"

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3rd Tier $80 Tower is broken and wont place

Not bad and i will 5 star it cause it is fun, but (Please Change the Key to Throw Coins) as hitting it 5 times Activates Windows Sticky Keys and that locks the game until you exit out, Space bar would be a good option.

claedalus responds:

You can change the controls from the title screen - I'll try to change the default at some point though!

Like mentioned before, think the waiter is giving you the thumbs up for giving people salmonella poisoning st the end of the level, anybody young who plays this is gonna end up killing someone if they base there logic off of this game.

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Great game, and a great remix.

Great track, I am downloading to play on Beat Hazard Right now.

DanJohansen responds:

Cool, have fun dude :D

Right on man, I translate my pain to 3-d art myself, love the beat and love your lyrics on this, deep.

Primero responds:

I appreciate that, amigo. And whatever makes the hurt less painful... :D

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Very Nice, We both walk the same path my friend!

Check out my C.G Characters

I am currently in the works of creating a 3-D large scale game, which will be so random and probably confusing as fuck, but that is the way it is going to be, I am currently uploading screenshots of characters that will be used, Like I said Random!

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